A Novel of Love, Faith, and Talmud

by Maggie Anton

When Hannah Eisin snags an interview with controversial Talmud professor Nathan Mandel in 1955 Brooklyn, her goal is to gain the respect of her male coworkers at the Daily Freiheit. But everything changes after she persuades Nathan to become her teacher and guide into the mysteries of the text forbidden to women. Secret meetings and lively discussions bring the two to the edge of a line that neither dares to cross.

ˇ§An inherently fascinating, deftly crafted, thought-provoking, and occasionally iconoclastic novel that will have a particular and special appeal to readers with an interest in Judaism and the role of contemporary women in Jewish culture, The Choice: A Novel of Love, Faith, and Talmud by accomplished novelist Maggie Anton is very highly recommended.
-----Midwest Book Review

ˇ§Mag-gie Antonˇ¦s lat-est book, The Choice, mas-ter-ful-ly inter-weaves and explores love and faith through his-tor-i-cal events, Jew-ish tra-di-tions and his-to-ry, and the Talmud. Anton has reimag-ined the main char-ac-ters from Chaim Potokˇ¦s The Cho-sen, added strong female char-ac-ters and voic-es, which were non-exis-tent pre-vi-ous-ly, and placed them years lat-er into mid-1950s Brook-lyn. The read-er is gift-ed with love sto-ries as well as a sto-ry of the love of learningˇK. The Choice is a thought-pro-vok-ing,
infor-ma-tive, impor-tant, and engag-ing read.ˇ¨
-----Jewish Book Council

ISBN 9780976305033
400 pages

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