From Startup to a Billion Dollar Sales in 7 Years - The Adventures of Iza and Samo Login

by Dani Polajnar

In this head-twirling business novel, the founders of a billion-dollar tech startup prove how putting purpose before profit, and cultivating people-first leadership, results in massive financial success.
Between the covers is a...

BEYOND PROFIT MINDSET that carries the flag for conscious leaders of businesses that answer the real needs of time and space. Iza and Samo Login didn't even know what they were going to sell when they started... But the purpose of entering philanthropy powered them to 5 billion downloads of their apps!
GUIDE INTO THE SPIRITUAL. This success story was manifested in advance. The founders set audaciously high goals and surpassed them x10. The book demonstrates the under-used tools for realizing and sticking with your big dreams.
FLASHLIGHT MODEL that visualizes all of the must-have components of a billion-dollar business in a simple way—as parts of a flashlight. A battle-proven way to establish strong company culture.
LOVE STORY of Iza and Samo Login, the first married couple in the world to build a unicorn business together.

ISBN 9789925773138
300 pages

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