Leveraging Influence, Compassion, and Relationships to Achieve your Organization Goals

by Shaun A. Sullivan, PHD

Head for Leading, Heart for Loving shows you how to maximize profits using your greatest commodity: the people in your organization. This book’s message is critical for success in the twenty-first century’s changing corporate climate. It’s even more crucial for leaders to reset their approach to people to ensure that the essences of compassion, relational equity, and emotional intelligence are not squelched.

Dr. Shaun A. Sullivan leads you on a journey of self-discovery, asking you candid questions about who you are both as a leader and as a person. He provides you with systems and approaches for improving your leadership abilities.

You will learn the skills needed to communicate your newfound wisdom to your organization in a way that will cause your company to flourish as never before!

What other are saying about Head for Leading, Heart for Loving
“Shaun Sullivan shows how interpersonal communication, is the backbone of building relational
equity with internal teams providing healthier workplace environments.” -- TiiuNapp, Author of Believing in Love Again

“An important resource for all who are bold and courageous enough to take the journey of change and growth.” – Daniel Erickson, Author of The Spirit Reclaimed: A Practical Guide to Understanding Life with the Holy Spirit

“This book will be a strategic key to release bolder, more compassionate leaders in this new era.” – Gordon Banks, Senior Pastor, Overcomer Covenant Church, Former NFL Player, and Author of The Overcomers

ISBN 9781950241866
339 pages

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