Leveraging Influence, Compassion, and Relationships to Achieve your Organization Goals

by Shaun A. Sullivan, PHD

When you learn the tools that work, you get the results that are possible.

This book helps to remove the fear of misunderstanding when one expresses love in a corporate environment by teaching them to do this through their actions toward those they lead, by elevating those led to a place of honor and prominence.

Treating them with more care and concern than is normally encountered in the corporate world of today. Put aside your concerns of appropriate behavior and do a deep dive into how to change your mind set on leading from a place of love.

Love in this regard is NOT a biological urge nor a smarmy card sent on holidays. Love is the passionate desire and congruent action for the total biological, psychological and philosophical elevation of another human being.

ISBN 9781950241866
339 pages

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