Ten thinkers show us how to think

by Shai Tubali and Theresa Bauerlein

How do geniuses make their groundbreaking discoveries and establish new ways of thinking for the rest of humanity? Is it possible for us to identify their
extraordinary ways of thinking and highly creative approaches and employ them in our own lives? Shai Tubali and Theresa Bauerlein, editor-in-chief of the German news website Krautreporter and a Random House bestselling author, have embarked on a philosophical journey into the hearts and life stories of ten thinkers from different fields, focusing on the processes that preceded their breakthroughs, in an attempt to solve the riddle of the genius mind. They present, with skill and humor, biographical anecdotes and penetrating insights, as well as suggesting thought experiments and exercises for the reader to try. The ten thinkers are:
Albert Einstein (Physics)
Friedrich Nietzsche (Philosophy)
Sigmund Freud (Psychology)
Barbara McClintock (Biology)
Leonardo Da Vinci (Art and Scientific Invention)
Giordano Bruno (Cosmology)
Socrates (Philosophy)
Charles Darwin (Biology)
Hannah Arendt (Political Science)
Jiddu Krishnamurti (Philosophy)
This book, which has already appeared in German, Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese, is an inspiring process of revelation in which the reader is invited to play an active role.

Release Date: 4/15/2021

ISBN 9783982251707
263 pages

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