The Sales Manager's Toolkit

by Vincent F. Peters

Keeping salespeople motivated is one of the biggest challenges facing sales management today, regardless of industry. The key player in motivating salespeople is the frontline sales manager, this book has been written specifically for the frontline sales manager. Experts tell us that high-powered sales teams are lead by managers who possess three critical management skills: strategizing, coaching and motivating. How To Motivate Salespeople-The Sales Manager's Toolkit covers all of these areas and more. Topics covered in the book are: motivation, plateauing, action planning, coaching, problem solving and case studies. How To Motivate Salespeople-The Sales Manager's Toolkit covers all of the problems that sales managers face on a daily basis. The book is called a toolkit because it provides the sales manager with all of the tools to analyze, plan and implement a motivational strategy for their people. Many analytical forms are included to guide the manager through a complete individual and group analysis of their sales team. The book starts off with an extensive review of motivational theories and research, which provide the foundation for the reader to use the book effectively. Plateauing is another area that is then reviewed. It is estimated that 96% of companies in the U.S. have a problem with plateaued salespeople, which makes this a very widespread dilemma. Surveys reveal that 20 to 25% of all sales representatives are plateaued. Our book not only covers the signs and symptoms of plateauing, but also how to prevent it and deal with the already plateaued sales person. Coaching can never be done too often, planning and conducting the coaching visit is covered and sample coaching checklists and follow up action plan forms are included. The publisher also makes available free copies of the electronic files for all forms contained in the book. This book also provides the unique feature that it can be used not only by the individual reader, but also in a classroom scenario by trainers, since it contains case studies, practice exercises and role play materials. How To Motivate Salespeople - The Sales Manager's Toolkit is an essential part of every sales manager's library.

ISBN 9780965623162
69 pages

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