Living with a Parent with Borderline Personality Disorder

by Lise Laporte, Ph.D and Ronald Fraser, MD
Illustrations by Elisabeth Eudes-Pascal

This illustrated book for school-aged children provides, through touching story, clinically sound and age-appropriate information for children, giving them clear answers to frequently asked questions about the borderline personality disorder of a parent, and suggesting ways to cope with the situations. Through analogies of weather patterns, the book describes two days in the chaotic life of David and Mary. Psychoeducational comments are provided throughout the book by a “weather wiz” who explains, in a simple manner, to both the characters and readers, the mother’s sometimes strange behaviors that can be challenging to comprehend. The wonderful illustrations help with the understanding, and lighten the story with humor. This book will help teach children to take some distance, to better understand what is happening at home and how not to feel responsible for their parents’ stormy times.

ISBN 9781735818504
48 pages

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