by Earnest L. Williams, Jr.
Illustrations by Steve Howard

This book intended for children ages 6 to 10 is about a familyís experience with ADHD. The book helps children and their parents understand why some children cannot sit still, talk too much, have difficulty following directions and paying attention. About the story: As a single parent, Earnest loved his son Justin and took great care of him at home. Yet, Justin started to get into trouble at school. Justinís behavior was of concern. His grades also fell behind. His teachers did not know what to do to help him, and his Dad started to be very worried. Once his Dad learned about ADHD, he took the time to learn special parenting techniques that work well for children with ADHD. He also got therapeutic help for Justin. Things improved noticeably for Justin and his Dad. Includes a ďParentís CornerĒ section, with many great ADHD resources and further reading for parents. Written by Earnest Williams Jr. and beautifully illustrated by Steve Howard. This is a cool book!

ISBN 9780989207409
42 pages

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