A Sparkle Fairy Tale

by Ayn Cates Sullivan
Illustrations by Belle Crow DuCray

2021 Nautilus Gold Winner for Children's Illustrated

Undina's Spell is a nature spirit who places a spell on a young girl so that Eva can travel into the Inner World of dreams to find and heal Mother Earth. Eva bravely sets forth on a heroine’s journey riding a white stag to a magical cave and then faces a dragon. Falling even more deeply into the Inner World, Eva begins to understand what is missing and what can be done about it. A story of hope and transformation, “Undina’s Spell” reminds us that healing the world begins with forging unexpected friendships. “Undina’s Spell” is for anyone on a hero or heroine’s journey

​Easy Reader: "Undina's spell" is a 32 page and 1,000 word industry standard children’s book (ages 4-8) with a magical tale sure to delight children of all ages.

​This book is intended to be read by children, as parents read alongside the longer version of the book “Sparkle & The Fireflies”

All six of the Sparkle books can be collected for a wonderful fairy tale experience.

ISBN 9781947925328
52 pages

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