by Edward Earle Purinton

Do you know what you most want to do and be in the world?

The Triumph of the Man Who Acts shows you how to find the answer, act on it, and succeed. Its author, Edward Earle Purinton, was the early twentieth century's leading health and efficiency expert, a best-selling author, and advisor to titans of industry. Indeed, this essay collection sold over 700,000 copies within months of its initial 1916 release.

Now, you too can benefit from his simple, time-tested techniques, gathered in this reprinted volume, and edited for the modern reader. Purinton shows you how to:

maintain the wellness of your body, heart, mind, and soul

stay motivated and banish procrastination

meet life's challenges with courage, conviction, and action

live productively, efficiently, and happily

This book will allow you to uncover your greatest self. Discover the transformative wisdom contained within this self-improvement classic today.

About the Author
Edward Earl Purinton (1878-1943) was a leading American health and efficiency expert during the early twentieth century. His books and manuals sold over 10 million copies in 20 countries. His work was endorsed by F.W. Woolworth, John D. Rockefeller Jr., the Archbishop of Canterbury, and countless others. Purinton used his methods to advise leading industrialists on optimal efficiency and teach the common person how to be productive, healthy, happy, and successful.

Release Date: 10/15/2020

ISBN 9781735289717
262 pages

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