Being Unfriendly Lessens Liking You

by Bruce Brummond

Minimize bullying with our BULLY activities book for ages 6-96 packed with easy to remember tools and techniques to engage all students, staff, parents and community members. The published activities book: "BULLY - Being Unfriendly Lessens Liking You" contains the color photos, printed narration and activities contained in our narrated online BULLY course. The experience is designed to concurrently engage K-12 students, staff, parents and community members with one ten minute lesson per week. Ideally all students and participating adults possess their individual BULLY Books. Students help guide parents and community members through their BULLY Book activities. Participants help one another fulfill the promises they list in their BULLY Books. Successful participants qualify to become members of the school's "FRIEND CLUB...Fabulous Relationships Inspire Empathy Not Drama...Change Lives Undo Bullying." Abbreviating and combining the words "FRIEND" and "CLUB" produce "FLUB." To sum it up...the BULLY activities are designed so participants can help one another not "FLUB" up! One ten minute weekly lesson for thirty-six weeks can create a culture change for the entire school district and community. In addition, the narrated online BULLY Course is available worldwide for computers and mobile devices.The Bully program produces a myriad of positive outcomes, students learn how to share their "EMPATHY - Exercising My Personal Actions To Help You," with family, friends and community members. Adults and students are introduced to fifty words defined by their acronyms and easy to remember quotes to minimize bullying behavior. Successful interpersonal relationships produce a safe, cooperative learning environment. A positive school culture creates higher attendance rates and increased academic achievement strengthening the entire community.

ISBN 9780978848637
68 pages

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