Presence in Dying

by Amita Lhamo

Amita Lhamo has woven together a kaleidoscopic journey of sitting with dying, communing with nature, and meditating in retreat, to show how death, presence in death, and contemplation of dying opens windows into awareness.

Calling upon her background as a psychotherapist, hospice chaplain, and spiritual practitioner, she leads readers into all the layers of the heart-mind to create a context for understanding presence. She connects the spiritual path to the processes of dying to ask about the soul’s journey and the role of death within our spiritual inquiries.

She invites the reader to travel with her into “the beauty of remembering our own origination within the garden of humanity by exploring the nature of presence as revealed in dying.”

Release Date: 11/05/2020

ISBN 9780998044736
208 pages

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