A Mother's Story of Loving & Losing An Adult Child to Suicide

by Patricia Fitzmaurice

This book is my gift to my loving son John. Iím sure he never thought his mom would write a book. But after his death by suicide, when I was able to find the strength, I decided this would be the highest honor I could give to my son, who never expected anything. He was Godís gift to me when I was a young mother of twenty-five. Now, more than sixty years later, I believe John never knew how much he was loved.

This book is the story of a little guy who had a private battle with mental pain. But pain never stopped him from achieving his goals. In fact, I doubt if anyone knew his anguish. But I knew. My love for him gave me the courage to guide and protect him from lifeís many challenges. He knew I was his biggest mentor, and that many times I shielded him from his pain.

The following pages are a substantial collection of the essence of John. I am hopeful that the mixture of laughter and tears will bring hope to others who have endured the tragic loss of a child.

My theory that determination is the biggest part of achievement has served me well throughout my lifetime. And my theory is offered to be shared.

ISBN 9781950241781
120 pages

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