by Megan Allen

It’s modern day in the Deep South. Racial unrest is rampant, and outbreaks of violence reach epidemic proportions. When a church bus makes a wrong turn in the Alabama countryside, a dozen teenage girls become victims of a heinous crime. The resulting outcry is explosive, as a new civil war erupts, but this time it will be whites who are cast into bondage. And Slave Playing becomes a cruel game of tyranny and survival.

The story winds and unwinds as it coils around the reader like a great serpent. At times it will be a love story, with warmth, humor and human kindness. But mostly it will slap hard at the Wall-Builders, and those who would be king at the expense of others, who would be prey. And a man will arrive on this tiny speck of land in the heart of Alabama. He will bring with him a whip, and a lesson of what tyranny and oppression can do to the human spirit.

"A brilliant mix of Django Unchained and The Hunger Games" — Milwaukee Independent
“Shocking and Bound to be a Favorite… a chilling modern day tale of racism in the south” — Publishers Daily Review
“Extraordinary contemporary drama by a terrific new talent.” — Weekly Review

ISBN 9780999054819
334 pages

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