by Kent Mower
Illustrations by TullipStudio

If you could have anything at all for Christmas, what would it be?

What if, instead, you could give anything to anyone in need? Would your wish change then?

In the stories in The Magical Moments of Christmas, the true meaning of Christmas is displayed in multiple ways.

A group of orphan children offer to give up their presents to repay their blind friendís kindness.
A mouse offers up his home to a stranger.

Friends band together to help a boy even Santa canít help.
Personal pride is sacrificed to make sure Santaís sleigh can make its journey.

Each of the seven magical stories in this collection reminds us that Christmas is a time of love, of giving, and of caring. When expensive gifts are hard to come by and fancy Christmas trees not possible, and even a visit from Santa Claus is doubtful, the characters in these stories find ways to celebrate Christmas in new and special ways.

The Magical Moments of Christmas is a treat to read aloud to the whole family beside the Christmas tree on a December evening. Itís a book for the young and the young at heart. Itís an opportunity to remember past Christmases and create new Christmas memories.
Perhaps after reading it, youíll feel youíve experienced your own magical Christmas moment.

ISBN 9781950241392
110 pages

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