Writings of the Early Christians for Today

by Donna Perpetua

Two martyred Saints call through the ages for their work to be published - the Holy Saint Justin Martyr and the Holy Saint Perpetua. This series, Ancient Examples: Writings of the Early Christians for Today, is dedicated to the writings of such ancient Christians and answers their ancient prayers. Learn how these two early Christians defend the Faith. Experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives so you may be enlightened about Christian Faith today. A wonderful book for anyone interested in Religion, Christianity, Patristics, Orthodoxy or History. Also a very useful reference book. This volume is a large print version of extracts from the first volume of the series. It contains The Martyrdom of Justin and Others and the Passion of Saints Perpetua and Felicitas. The latter includes her visions and the accounts of Saint Saturus and the eyewitness to their martyrdom. There are also sources for Troparia, Kontakia, Akathists, and Hymns for Saint Justin Martyr and Saint Perpetua. Contains nearly 250 footnotes. This volume is compiled and edited, with a preface, afterword, and additional commentary and footnotes, by Donna Perpetua, an Orthodox Christian. She shares a number of unique experiences involved in preparing this volume, experiences that reflect the power of the Holy Spirit today. Carefully selected epigraphs appear throughout, including the prayers of these Saints to publish their works, such as this one by Saint Perpetua, "these modern examples will one day become ancient and available for posterity . . . . O truly called and chosen unto the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ! whom whoever magnifies, and honors, and adores assuredly ought to read these examples for the edification of the Church, not less than the ancient ones, so that new virtues also may testify that one and the same Holy Spirit is always operating even until now."

ISBN 9781944976095
274 pages

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