by Megan Allen

The Meat Hunter: A serial killer is on the loose… Molly Bishop grew up on a farm and was horrified by her father’s indifference towards the animals they raised, viewed only as slabs of flesh to be consumed by a ravenous society. Now a seductive and cunning young woman, she seeks out the cruelest members of the meat industry and offers up her own brand of redemption, with a thesis that says those who raise animals for meat should understand what it feels like to become meat. But the FBI is on to her – they’ve sent in Michael Lair, a whip-smart agent with his own set of demons. And as a deadly game of cat-and-mouse ensues in the nation’s heartland, they must rely on their instincts and intellect to determine who survives.

“Chilling and alluring. A smartly morbid meditation on animal cruelty.” — Kirkus

“A serial killer who you will despise yet understand. The narrative is fast and the characters are beautifully created. 5 stars.” — Readers’ Favorite

“A brilliant juxtaposition between morality and meat. Allen’s charming female-Dexter will seduce you, excite you, terrify and change you.” — The Novel Reader

Due March 20, 2020. Taking pre-orders. You will not be charged until book ships.

ISBN 9780999054840
300 pages

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