Rebuilding the Mind and Body to Create a Meaningful Life

by Steven R. Edgley, MD

Each of us lives on the thin line between chaos and order. Having a stroke thrusts you and the family who loves you into a magnitude of chaos unlike anything you have previously experienced. The trauma of the medical emergency may seem to turn your life upside-down as you are forced to yield control to a cadre of new care specialists, and when the dust settles you may find that a portion of your brain has turned to ashes. It may take years to put the chaos behind you and find your way back to the balance of that thin line.

Thriving After Stroke teaches the way out of that excruciating situation. It lays out the principle of the adaptive spiral, which shows the importance of making every day a little better than the day before. Within these pages you will find a road map to restore order to your life, gain resiliency, and tap the power of nature and recreation to help you and your family realize your highest quality of life. There is hope for you and your loved ones to once again live your lives wholeheartedly and to regain the happiness and peace that you long to attain. In time, you can achieve balance and fulfillment in multiple aspects of your life.

Whether you’ve endured stroke, depression, cancer, heart disease or any of the other traumas the human body is susceptible to, there is hope. These conditions, which cause suffering, struggles, and even death, paradoxically also offer the opportunity to be shaped positively by experience and through choices made. This book speaks to broad and basic truths that apply to each of us we pass through hardship and strife.

STEVEN EDGLEY, is an Associate Professor in the Division of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and the Director of Stroke Rehabilitation at the University of Utah. He survived a massive stroke at the age of twenty-eight. Today, he is involved with both the clinical aspects of stroke rehabilitation and with research on new techniques and methods to promote, facilitate, and improve life after a stroke. He and his wife Emi live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and are the parents of two daughters, Ella and Louisa. In his free time, Steven enjoys hiking, skiing, water skiing, and cycling.

ISBN 9781947937932
250 pages

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