A Novel

by Jerome Mark Antil

Life growing up in the shadows of WWII. Kids born in the '40s grew up fast. They had to. By the time they were five more than seventy million people were killed in the largest world war in the history of man.

Children who grew up during WWII grew up fast. They had to. In his own words nine year old Jerry spins the narrative of the award winning Pompey Hollow Book Club. Jerome Mark Antil captures rural life, as it was, in the shadows of a great war. It was a war that took 80 million lives. The novel illustrates an independence in the young of the day they earned and were trusted with during a time parents and siblings were all off pitching in or fighting for the war effort. They had to fend for themselves, responsibly. It's a book about the examples of heroism set for them by the entire community. With foundations in truth, this novel won Book of the Year - Books & Authors. (Family & Friendship)

ISBN 9780984718719
288 pages

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