Spirit of the Pompey Hollow Book Club

by Jerome Mark Antil

In the shadows of WWII a raucous adventure abounds in Jerome Mark Antil's heartfelt coming-of-age novel set in upstate New York during the 1950s. Kids growing up during WWII grew up fast. They had to. Imagine spotting escaped Nazi prisoners of war under a bridge in upstate New York? It was D Day all over again catching them.

“… Fast-paced and action-packed, the novel follows young Jerry and his friends as they get their first jobs, rescue orphans and down-on-their-luck polio victims, and plan their biggest caper yet to catch a pair of criminals. … it's an uplifting examination of what community really means. History buffs will also appreciate the many referencesto WWII, Gen. Eisenhower and decoy missions in England before D-day… A beautiful balance of action and warmth.”
“Antil delivers heartfelt messages of caring and hope in a wholesome young-adult adventure.It was 1953 and the family farm was alive and well in upstate New York. … The narrator, Charlie Pitts, is an old neighbor who passed away in the last book and is now the kids' guardian angel. His colloquial voice, heavily colored in the local dialect and tinged with wry humor-along with the rural landscape and escapades where childhood innocence bumps up against the fears of the time-are reminiscent of Huckleberry Finn. "You might take a

ISBN 9780989304412
282 pages

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