Essential Rule For Usccess

by Jay Izso

?I have been bit, kicked, thrown, stepped on, crapped on, gored, stabbed, shocked, and have soaped up my arms to deliver a calf in freezing weather.Not much surprises me in life.?

- Jay Izso

While other kids may have worked out in the fields for a summer here and there, and then went back into town to bag groceries or work in the local hardware store, I spent all my formative years at work, growing up as a farmhand to farmers.

It does not matter what age you are, what stage in life you are, what career you are in. These lessons apply. I wish everyone could have worked on the farm for at least one summer. It was life-changing. But since many of you did not, you can get a little taste of the experience, laugh a little, cry a little, but through it all learn the lessons, apply the lessons, and share them with others.

Author Bio:
Jay Izso is a multi-award winning author, NSA professional speaker, podcaster, and business/life coach who works with entrepreneurs, CEO?s, professional associations, colleges and universities, and businesses of all sizes.

Jay enjoys working with and motivating audiences all over the world. When he?s not busy writing, speaking, and coaching, Jay enjoys life as a part time beach freak, musician, sports fan, and classic movie buff. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with his wife Linda Craft and their dog Bandit.

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? National Speakers Association ? Professional Member
? American Psychological Association
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