Twelve Steps to Becoming a More Successful and Innovative Leader

by Christine Johnson McPhail

To become a more successful, innovative higher education leader, you need to assess your leadership competencies and areas that need improvement, develop a core set of skills and know how to sustain them, and identify ways to acquire new professional development training when you need it.

In the past, leadership development was provided by the organization, and it was relatively easy and inexpensive for individuals to access the desired training. Today, however, you are responsible for designing and financing most of your own training.

Designed for busy practitioners, Leadership Tune-Up will help you

? Stay Relevant?Upgrade your skills based on current data
? Develop Leadership Insights?Learn from realistic examples and scenarios that will help you distinguish between effective and ineffective leadership communication practices
? Use an Intentional Approach?Apply twelve key strategies to learn to identify each leadership situation as unique, assess what skills are needed, and apply the appropriate skills and procedures to resolve the issue

Don't lose out on opportunities because your leadership skills are out of date. It's time for a leadership tune-up!

Due 9/1/19

ISBN 9780964225701
144 pages

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