A Problem Based Approach to Determining the Structure of Small Organic Molecules

by Antonio Randazzo

This book is designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with practical strategies, methods and explanations to interpret the NMR spectra of small organic molecules. In particular, it is organized in a way that basic 1H- and 13C-NMR concepts are introduced and immediately applied in a number of problems, solved and discussed in a step-by-step fashion. It contains almost exclusively real NMR data and it describes how to interpret the chemical shift, intensity and splitting pattern of the proton and carbon NMR signals (Chapters 1-5), paying attention to the effects of the magnetically non-equivalent nuclei (Chapter 4). The role of the solvent is also explained (Chapter 6), and a description of the interpretation of the most common two-dimensional NMR experiments is reported in Chapter 7. Chapter 8 is dedicated to the strategy for structural elucidation, while Chapter 9 contains exclusively summary problems.

ISBN 9788895122403
344 pages

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