A Story of Swami Ashokananda

by Sister Gargi

This popular book is now available in its first paperback edition. A Heart Poured Out is the fascinating biography of Swami Ashokananda (1893-1969), an illustrious teacher of the Ramakrishna Order who spent most of his life expanding the Vedanta movement in northern California while training his American students to lead authentic spiritual lives. Award-winning author Marie Louise Burke (Sister Gargi), his famed disciple, recounts the Swami's life and conversations in a personal style that is eloquent, witty, and wise. His powerful guidance-here brought to light for the first time-will help readers of all faiths deepen their spiritual practice.Soul-stirring account ... reveals the Swami's extraordinary spiritual stature with candor, integrity, and wit. -HUSTON SMITH, author of The World's Religions Rapturously written biography of an intrinsically fascinating man ... highly recommended.-MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW Compelling remembrance of a saintly life.-LIBRARY JOURNAL Exhaustive and engaging ... this rare account is well worth the wait.-YOGA JOURNAL

ISBN 9780970636843
472 pages

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