How to Increase Your Chances of Achieving Financial Security

by Deborah W. Wllis

Do you have a financial plan but don?t know how to keep your money growing? Are you confused about where even to start saving for your future?

Deborah W. Ellis, CFP® can help. In Your Money and You Deborah makes it all about you-
What your wants and financial needs are and how you can achieve your financial goals.
She shares her personal stories of learning about investing, her investing mistakes and successes, and her many years of experience as an investor and Certified Financial Planner®.
Most importantly, she?ll help you realize what your beliefs and values about money are so you can comfortably and knowledgably take on a leadership role in handling your finances.

Step by step, Deborah will show you how to:

? Take a financial inventory of your current situation.
? Create a saving and spending plan that accurately reflects what you save and spend.
? Understand the wonders of compound interest.
? Become knowledgeable about stocks, bonds and themarkets.
? Mitigate risk through asset allocation and portfolio diversification,
? Find money in new places you never considered.
? Think long-term about investing.
? Hire the right financial advisor and other team members to help you achieve your goals.
It?s never too late or too early to take control of your money and make it work for youso you don?t have to work so hard.Let Deborah W. Ellis, CFP® provide you with the answers you seek in Your Money and You.

ISBN 9781947937185
255 pages

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