Stories from the Bedside of the Dying

by Amita Lhamo

Amita Lhamo uses her luminous stories to reveal the power of simple human kindness and the profundity of being. She shares the beauty found blooming within the cracks of broken hearts leading us into the intimacy of the soul?s journey in death.

?Accompanying her on these end-of-life journeys, we find unexpected moments of joy. We feel a little less afraid of our own deaths as well.? ? Fromthe Foreward by Chagdud Khadro

Amita Lhamo has cared for thousands of individuals and their families through the process of dying. She has studied with Lakota, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist teachers, completing a five-year meditation retreat within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. She integrates her professional experience, as a psychotherapist and hospice chaplain, with her spiritual training to write and teach about spiritual care for the dying, meditation, and the spiritual path.

Due 1/24/2019

ISBN 9780998044705
204 pages

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