Discover the Secret to Driving Growth, Profitability, and Cash Flow Higher

by Philip Campbell

This book provides a surprisingly straightforward, easy-to-understand guide to one of the most powerful financial tools in business: a reliable financial forecast. It will transform the financial future of your company and help you make better, faster, smarter financial decisions.

What if you had a clear view through the financial windshield of your business? What if you had answers to questions like:

What's about to happen to my profitability and cash flow?
How much cash can we distribute to owners this year?
I am making money in my business, so why is cash still so tight?
Can we make the balloon payment on our debt that is due in six months?
How long will it take to pay off our debt?
What will our taxable income be this year?
What will our cash balance be six months from now?
What does the financial future of my company look like?
A reliable financial forecast puts the answers to these questions at your fingertips. It helps you take control of your profitability and cash flow because it gives you answers to the most important financial questions you face in your business. It gives you the courage and confidence to make better business decisions as you work to survive and thrive in an ever-changing business world.

Too many entrepreneurs and CEOs today are feeling more like passengers than drivers in their business. They're staring at their rearview mirror as they bounce along in the passenger seat. Their company is careening along on the highway of business as they wonder and worry about where their business might end up financially.

A reliable financial forecast solves this problem by providing a clear view through the financial windshield of your business. It creates the visibility and clarity you need to drive your company toward a bigger and brighter financial future. Put yourself in the driver's seat of your business by tapping into the unique and exciting benefits that financial forecasting can unlock for you.

ISBN 9781932743050
216 pages

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