While the Shadow Is in Front of You

by Mwati Mwila

We all know life has its ups and downs, but when Mwati Mwila was diagnosed with bipolar disorder while a college student, she thought her life would mostly be down from that point on. Not understanding why she had been chosen to suffer, she found herself on an incredible journey of questioning God, considering ending her own life, and ultimately, traveling around the world for answers that could help to heal her. No stranger to adversity, before being diagnosed as bipolar, Mwati had already experienced discrimination. After traveling from her native Zambia, she was often the only African child in predominantly white schools in New Zealand and Australia. Her parents? strong work ethic, her siblings? encouragement, and a move to the United States helped Mwati to strengthen her identity even when she experienced discrimination. Being bipolar, just like her earlier experiences, became one more hurdle to overcome so she could fulfill her life mission of helping others. Now Mwati shares her incredible story. Readers of Strengthening Your Identity will discover how to: > Know where you came from so you know where you?re going > Indulge in the moment to create happy memories to sustain you in difficult times > Learn from your environment and adapt to survive and thrive > Stay true to yourself in the midst of madness > Unmask the monsters in your life that try to hinder your healing > Have the courage to ask for help when it is needed > Unravel your special gifts to share with the world Whatever obstacle you face, you will find strength in these pages to transform your suffering into the power of endurance.

ISBN 9781944335380
142 pages

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