by Chris Shockowtiz

Amber van Hosteen is working at her dream job at News Corp in New York City. That is, it?s a dream until she discovers large corporations are corrupting governments around the world, sponsoring questionable projects, and building huge factories in lawless places for an unknown purpose. Determined to learn who is behind these crimes, Amber follows a trail of clues to a remote village in North Africa.

Jeff Smith is a senior CIA agent. When his team discovers a material that cannot be made on Earth, his director does not want to believe him. Jeff is reassigned to follow Amber to Africa, little suspecting it will lead him to the answers about the mysterious material.

When Jeff rescues Amber from a dire situation, they find themselves forming a fragile alliance. After discovering an unimaginable nightmare, they quickly realize they can trust no one except each other.

What Amber and Jeff have discovered will change the world forever if they don?t put a stop to it. But who will believe them, and will they even live to tell the tale?

ISBN 9781947937505
290 pages

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