A Deliberate Practice Manual

by Tony Rousmaniere, PsyD

Do you ever find that you are less effective with clients who are provocative, angry, shut down, or emotionally labile? Would you like to be more effective helping clients with challenging problems, including trauma, addictions, and comorbid conditions?

Clients can arouse strong emotional reactions in therapists, often termed experiential avoidance or countertransference. Therapists must build their psychological capacity to stay self-aware, attuned, and clinically flexible while having strong reactions. This manual provides clear and practical deliberate practice exercises to help you master these inner skills so you can be a more effective therapist and enjoy your work more. It features a training plan that

? Is based on the principles of deliberate practice
? Works with all major models of psychotherapy
? Aids all levels of therapist development
? Helps therapists be more effective with their most challenging clients
? Protects the boundaries and privacy of trainees

ISBN 9781732565708
152 pages

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