a fable of hope

by R.H. Pfeiffer

The true life stories of four people recovering from addiction, intermingled with their search for a higher power, helped along the way by a lovable dog named Rosie.

Addiction does not discriminate, evidenced in the characters who battle addiction in this touching story, veterans, child abuse victims, and domestic abuse sufferers.

?As a registered nurse working in the field of addiction treatment, I find R.H. Pfeiffer?s work to be authentic and true-to-life, heart-wrenching yet hopeful and optimistic. I highly recommend Trail of the Warrior for anyonelooking for an insightful, heart-warming, compelling book to read; one that will touch the lives of many. An amazing book!? ? Noble Clinic, LLC

"Richard H. Pfeiffer is the Executive Director of the Crawford County Mental Health and Health Department. Rick has dedicated his life to serving those in need. He wrote the book Trail of the Warrior to raise money to build a new addiction treatment center in Pittsburg, Kansas. Trail of the Warrior is a compelling story of hope. It details the struggles of addiction and those fighting for sobriety, forgiveness and peace. This book is a testament of how unconditional love from an animal can help teach one to overcome the demons of addiction. Trail of the Warrior is a must read book for those that believe in the power of change." Angie Hadley

ISBN 9780999488607
167 pages

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