Techniques From the Stage to Optimize the Patient Experience and Restore the Joy of Practicing Medicine

by Bob Baker

"The Performance of Medicine is a witty, funny, folksy, intimate, yet serious, and detailed discussion about issues surrounding 'patient satisfaction' in today's world of health care.
--Samuel Harrington, MD, author of At Peace: Choosing a Good Death After A Long Life

Medical practice is undergoing the most radical changes seen in decades. Novel reimbursement models, impersonalization caused by technology, and increasing demands on providers' limited time are causing unhappiness among practitioners and patients alike. Yet, the patient experience and patient satisfaction are more important than ever. Patient experience affects patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction scores will affect how much physicians and other health care providers get paid.

In The Performance of Medicine, Dr. Bob Baker offers practical strategies and techniques that physicians and other practitioners can implement easily and immediately to give patients the best possible experience with no additional expenditure of time.

An internist/gastroenterologist with 35 years of private practice experience, and a professional magician/ventriloquist with 50 years of live performance experience, Dr. Baker seamlessly weaves the techniques he used to garner top reviews from his patients and audiences alike. His book is practical, substantive, warm, and humorous. His love of medicine and of his patients shines through on every page and will inspire health care providers to rediscover the joys of medicine.

ISBN 9780999616901
224 pages

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