The True Story of a Look Behind the Curtain of Medical School and Residency...and Surviving the Worst in Life

by Carl P. Giordano, MD

Great surgeons can save lives?even their own ?
sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

Many people think they have seen enough doctors and hospital shows on TV to understand the
life of a physician. But how many know what goes into the actual making of a surgeon? What
happens during years of medical school training, followed by years of residency, followed by
years of fellowship specialty training? This book lays it all out.

If you have any interest in pursuing medicine as a profession, this book will guide you.

If you want to have a better understanding of what it?s like to attend medical school and
residency, this book will show you.

And if you want to understand how a spinal surgeon learned how it?s possible to walk away
from a plane crash as the sole survivor, this book will mesmerize you.

ISBN 9780998017402
192 pages

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