Thresholds to the Unseen

by Carmen Rita Tolivar

Carmen Tolivar?s book is a memoir of stories set in her native Puerto Rico and Los Angeles. The pieces are not only about her own life, but also about the generations before hers, with a touch of historical references and spiritual awakenings, as well as her own path through the loss of her husband. Her poetic and lyrical prose is a delight to read. From the author: "I think about my writing as a recording of the unsayable. I am called to tell the stories of unnoticed happenings, of people, animals, a bud as it opens. Stories of the ones who couldn't participate because they had been turned to stone, enslaved, burned, made voiceless, or had married the wrong person generations back. I am called to tell the stories older than my birth, by now impatient to be released. They say they could be medicine to many. It would have been so for me."

ISBN 9780998344317
88 pages

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