by Roger Bourland

Over his decades-long career as a preacher, Dr. Roger Bourland preached hundreds of sermons. He continually inspired his congregations and his eloquence and powerful, heartfelt messages led to his being named the Outstanding Preacher for 1976 by the United Methodist Church. Now some of his finest and most popular sermons are in one volume so readers can reflect upon and gain strength from these fine words that draw upon the life-giving words of Christ, His apostles, and Scripture. Divided into six sections, The Selected Sermons of Dr. Roger Bourland includes sermons while he was a pastor in Green Bay and had several members from the Green Bay Packers among his congregation as well as his time at First United Methodist Church of Omaha, NE. Other sections include sermons from Dr. Bourland's global radio broadcast of The Protestant Hour, a section of sermons appropriate for different seasons and a popular series of sermons based on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

ISBN 9781938686993
420 pages

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