How Leaders and Followers Inspire and Influence Each Other

by Teddie Malangwasira, Ph.D.

In Leadership is not about Race: How leaders and followers inspire and influence each other, Dr. Malangwasiramakes it clear that anyone can be a leader?regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, social status, or any other false barriers. All that is required is a desire to learn and improve oneself.

Drawing upon a vast array of examples from world politics, business, family, and personal examples, Dr. Malangwasira walks readers through the various characteristics required of leaders. Each chapter ends with a set of exercises for practical application by the reader of the materials discussed.

1. Readers of Leadership Is Not About Race will learn:
2. How being a follower is the first step to becoming an effective leader.
3. The pros and cons of different leadership styles.
4. How the expectations for leadership differs by their society.
5. Ways to lead effectively during conflict.
6. Why leadership is not about competition but influence.
7. How to help incompetent leaders become competent.
8. Why leadership without vision is impossible.
9. What actions you can take to develop your personal leadership skills.

Being a follower is important?it teaches you many of the skills to become a great leader?but you don't want to stay a follower forever. It's time to take the lead in your organization, community, and life, and you can begin by reading this book.

ISBN 9781944335762
244 pages

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