by Steve Simpson

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Something is terribly wrong! Nothing is the way that it?s supposed to be. Nothing. It?s not making sense. None of it. One plus one does not equal two. Things just shouldn?t be happening the way they are. People are not who they?re supposed to be. Our lives were not meant to be this way. It?s all wrong. THE WORLD IS WRONG! And someone did this. It?s all intentional. Steve knows this, and now Marie knows too. Soon it will become realized that they know. They are no longer safe. Their friends are now in danger too. It really is going to be them against the world!

Steve and Marie, along with their close friends, must battle different forces as they embark on a nonstop, action packed thrill ride as they try to literally change reality back to what it should be, while personally trying to deal with their seemingly impossible romance.

The World is Wrong will keep you glued to the pages while it excites you, scares you and delivers a fantastic finale!

While The World is Wrong deals with exciting alternative realities, The Teenage and Young Adult Survival Handbook deals with the realities that many young people face today, such as alcoholism, child abuse, bullying, self-esteem, suicide and dealing with school and dysfunctional homes, giving the reader the knowledge that they are not alone with their problems, suggestions of how to get help and hope.

ISBN 9781944076023
228 pages

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