Who Doesn't Want That?

by Meredith Herrenbruck

Do you want to take off like a rocket but you just don?t have the fuel? Do you feel like the dreams of your youth are now replaced with the frenzy of everyday living? Do you get the sense that you just can?t catch a break?

What if you could actually have everything you wanted in life?while still being you? What if you already had the resources you need to make it happen? It all starts with a question: What would you like?

In Becoming Ridiculously Awesome, Meredith Herrenbruck will take you on an amazing journey that makes Ebenezer Scrooge?s journey pale by comparison. You?ll visit your past and discover how to let go of those painful memories. You will learn how to better align yourself in the present, and you will prepare yourself for just the right opportunities to fall into your lap in the near future.

Armed with powerful tools you need to shoot off your rockets, you?ll soon be able to:

Care for yourself in ways that will stabilize and energize you

Connect with others so you can share the wonderful life you already have

Align with your environment so everything flows more smoothly

Revitalize yourself with powerful spiritual healing techniques

Improve your daily experience by clearing away negative energies and entities

Trust and follow your own wisdom to blaze the trail to personal fulfillment

Are you ready to break free of the chain you?ve forged in life so far? Then start reading and begin creating the life you want to experience right now.

ISBN 9781943164981
319 pages

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