25 Thyroid and Hashimoto's Truths That Explain Why You Feel So Lousy, Drowsy, Exhausted, and Lost!

by Dr. Joni Labbe

It?s Time To Learn The Truth About Your Thyroid And Hashimoto?s!
Do you feel like your body started to fall apart the moment you hit menopause? Has your doctor told you that your tests are normal? Are your friends and family hinting that it?s all in your head and what you?re feeling is just normal aging?
Dr. Joni Labbe, the Thyroid Doctor, is here to tell you that you are not lazy, crazy, or finished! If you feel like someone has poured water in your gas tank, it could mean that your thyroid isn?t functioning properly. You could have a thyroid disease like Hashimoto?s thyroiditis or even an autoimmune disorder.
In this quick, and fascinating read, Dr. Labbe pulls back the curtain on your body to tell you what?s really happening on the inside (Hint: It?s not just menopause). Dr. Labbe reveals 25 powerful thyroid truths that will show you how an autoimmune condition can cause all the symptoms you are feeling like:
> Brain fog > Stubborn weight gain > Exhaustion > Bouts of anxiety > Low sex drive > and more.
Dr. Joni Labbe, DC, CCN, DCCN is a board certified nutritional consultant, public speaker, and author of numerous health-related articles and the book, Why Is Mid-Life Mooching Your Mojo? At the Labbe Health Center in San Diego, she has helped hundreds of women discover that the second half of your life can be the best half, but only if you protect your health! The first step is to figure out what?s wrong. In this fast and fascinating book, you will learn things like:
> Normal lab tests don?t mean your thyroid is normal > Your hypothyroidism might be cause by Hashimoto?s > Your doctor probably isn?t running the right blood tests on you > Your autoimmune disease is caused by genetics and the environment > A healthy brain makes a healthy thyroid > Gluten could be the culprit behind your hypothyroidism > You aren?t crazy, lazy, or finished, no matter what your doctor tells you! > And much more!
Learn why menopause and aging aren?t the end of your life, but could be the start of an amazing new chapter of health and vitality!

ISBN 9780692402122
72 pages

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