500 Football Trivia Q&A

by Mike McGuire

One of the purposes for my football trivia books is to teach some history of the football teams, coaches and the players. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish has the highest winning percentage among all college football programs with eleven National Championships, seven Heisman Trophy winners, a long list of All-Americans and famous coaches with numerous wins and famous games and upsets. Notre Dame is one of the most successful and iconic college football programs in America with one of the largest and most diversified widespread fan bases in all of college football.

The Notre Dame football trivia is meant to be fun, tricky, thought-provoking and confusing, and to bring back some good ole? memories while testing your knowledge of the Fighting Irish. Laugh, argue, cry ? but have fun with the trivia.

I have added a NEW section called Numerology which adds new trivia questions related to the Notre Dame football program by numbers 1 thru 100. I think you will enjoy this new feature.

November 2016

ISBN 9780977266920
72 pages

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