The Greatest Rivalry in Sports

by Mike McGuire

THE GAME between The Ohio State University Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines is the Greatest Sports Rivalry in all of Sports! The history, the traditions and the competitive spirit of this athletic competition is second to none without question. The head football coaches have made it ?special? from Fielding H. Yost and Francis Schmidt, from Bo and Woody, to Jim Tressel and now Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh.

From 1935 THE GAMEhas been the last regular season game of the regular season for both teams and usually a B1G championship, bowl game and/or a national championship is on the line. Major award winners including Heisman Trophy winners, and numerous All-Americans have played in THE GAME like no other college football rivalry.

NEW features include the ?Weather Forecast? with GPS coordinates for each stadium to help you decide on how to dress for the game and maybe even place a small bet. The Numerology Guide is a first and another way to look at THE GAMEwith interesting trivia questions related to numbers involved with THE GAME.

All 300 questions and answers touch on THE GAME. They cover the players, the coaches, the stadiums, the key plays, the bowl games, the bands, the fans, the Heisman Trophy winners and a whole lot more ?nickel trivia facts.? My trivia questions are meant to be fun, thought-provoking and confusing ? to bring back ole? memories while testing your knowledge of this, the greatest college football rivalry game. Laugh, cry argue ? but most of all, have fun with the trivia.

November 2016

ISBN 9780977266111
48 pages

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