500 Football Trivia Q&A

by Mike McGuire

Michigan always talks about their Great Traditions, but this football trivia Q & A book adds in the great ?Respect? the Michigan Wolverine football program has earned from other college football teams. My purpose in writing this trivia book is to enhance the reader?s knowledge of one of the great football programs ? the Michigan Wolverines ? and to just have some fun learning. Traditions are valuable, fun, great to tell stories about, and enhance the overall experience of college football, but I think RESPECT is just as important! Michigan has earned their RESPECT!

Michigan has had some of the all-time great innovative football coaches in Fielding H Yost, Fritz Crisler and Bo Schembechler. Record number of wins and major upsets, numerous major award winners including Heisman Trophy winners and an ongoing growing list of All-Americans.
The ?Big House? Stadium, the M Band, the cheerleaders, the fans and a whole lot more are all covered with interesting and challenging trivia questions and answers.

A NEW feature is the Wolverine Numerology section where I have added unique trivia questions in regards to the numbers 1 thru 100 that surround their games, the players and their history.

My trivia questions are meant to be fun, tricky, thought-provoking and confusing ? to bring back good ole memories while testing your knowledge of Michigan Wolverine football. Laugh, argue, cry ? but most important of all, have some fun with the trivia.

Always very important, is to keep your focus on THE GAME, The Greatest Rivalry in all of College Football with The Ohio State University Buckeyes! It is also the greatest rivalry game where each team ?Respects? the other team ? year around!

November 2016

ISBN 9780977266180
72 pages

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