Creative Thinking in the Age of Information Overload

by Philip Segal

Investigation is as much art as it is science. This book helps lawyers, investigators and others to get the information they need for litigation, due diligence and finding assets. New York-based investigative lawyer Philp Segal shows through real-life examples the way a good investigation actually works. Which techniques of searching, database use and interviewing are the most effective? The Internet has made searching for facts faster but has also made investigation more complicated: Within the vast sea of information, facts about a person could be anywhere. More than the need for powerful databases, Segal argues, the most important things an investigator can bring to the job are creativity and an open mind.

"Engaging ... conversational ... never dull ... A brief but comprehensive and enthusiastic guide to conducting thorough, legal investigations." - Kirkus Reviews

"A useful book for the ultra-inquisitive reader ... interesting parallels and contrasts with modern art, cryptanalysis, and Sherlock Holmes." - Publishers Weekly

ISBN 9780996907910
130 pages

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