When their family dentist recommended the Brightleys take their seven-year-old child to see an orthodontist, they learned how early consultation with a specialist helped them avoid big problems in the future.

by Anna Razdolsky

In a simple story, the Brightley family learns that having beautiful smiles that last a lifetime sometimes isn?t as natural as you might think. The young Brightley boy becomes distressed as his smile changes when his adult teeth start coming in. His family is concerned about his appearance and self-esteem. Thanks to their dentist, Dr. Brushenfloss, and the orthodontist he recommends, Dr. Eversmyle, the whole family discovers the benefits of early orthodontic evaluation.

This is a wonderfully informative book for families with young children. It is also an excellent resource for dentists, orthodontists and other dental specialists to make available to their patients and colleagues to encourage overall oral health, optimum hygiene and early orthodontic care. It?s ideal for teachers and health professionals to use in conjunction with health awareness events and activities.

Presented in terms children can understand, in a story they can appreciate, The Smiling Brightleys provides a wealth of information on early orthodontic monitoring of and treatment.

ISBN 9780997203806
80 pages

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