An Urban Fairy Tale for Adults and Children

by Jan Peyser

Where do you go for a hot pastrami on rye or a cup of coffee and a nice, apricot rugelach? If you are like many New Yorkers who live or work in New York City?s teeming, cultural district, you go to Greenbaum?s Deli.

However, times are hard and Mama and Papa Greenbaum barely can afford to give a saucer of milk to a stray cat, let alone discover how to draw people back to their little deli. A stray cat is the last thing Mr. Greenbaum needs to support, but Mama asks how feeding one, little cat can hurt them?

Mrs. Greenbaum might better ask how one, little cat can help them.

This heart-warming story is ready to be savored any time hope is most needed as a dish served up with joy? and maybe a chocolate macaroon.

ISBN 9780997297003
28 pages

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