by Janelle Barlow and George Aveling

Transformational work is not easy. In fact, approximately 70 percent of change efforts fail because people have not been engaged in the process. In Shift! Powerful Stories of Organizational Transformation, TMI consultants from around the world share their experience with over thirty clients, helping both exuberant and sometimes resistant leaders through the process of cultural change by focusing on the human side of organizational transformation. In this very personal book, they also share the most important lessons they have learned.

To be successful, a transformation process must consider the existing organizational culture. By helping people understand why the transformation is needed, how it bumps up against cultural norms that must change, the importance of everyone?s role, and the fact that change is both possible and real, you can tap into the power of commitment. And when passions are fired up, people can shift cultures. These stories show how this is possible.

ISBN 9780971743229
260 pages

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