Shortcuts for Creating Positive Changes One Moment at a Time

by Steven Jay Fogel

Experiencing greater happiness doesn?t have to be complicated. We can take small steps every day?shortcuts for creating positive changes in our lives?to improve our self-esteem, decrease stress, develop better relationships, and experience more joy. Insights for a Happier Life will show you how to be mindful (living in the present), engage in self-transformation (using mindfulness to choose new ways of thinking and acting), and see new possibilities (thinking and communicating in ways that create new opportunities).

Drawing on his personal experiences and insights, Steve Fogel covers topics including why our memories change, what makes relationships work, how to be mindful in our careers, caring for an elderly parent, and why dogs are lovable. He shares his commitment to searching for answers about increasing joy and fulfillment and reveals what he?s learned through mentoring people who?ve come to him for guidance because of his success in business and through reading his books and blogs.

ISBN 9780984552542
176 pages

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