by Dora Hilburn

Between is a character-driven, Young Adult (YA) novel with an introverted, female protagonist, set in the seaside Florida-panhandle town of Apalachicola.

Anna Riggs, just out of high school, and her archaeologist dad travel to the historic town of Apalachicola, Florida, where Anna has inherited an old Victorian home left to her by her great uncle Archie. But the house needs work. Anna and her dad begin an 8-month-long restoration project?with plans to sell the old house when it?s finished to pay for Anna?s college tuition.

Soon, normally shy Anna makes a few local friends, including handsome Eric Bennett, who plans to study architecture at Florida State University in the fall. He willingly helps with the home?s restoration and helps Anna climb out of her shell.

It doesn?t take long before Wyatt, a ghostly inhabitant of the house, makes himself known to Anna. She is fascinated by him. Will Anna be entranced by the specter and his world, or can she pull out of her feelings long enough to realize her life should be spent among the living?

ISBN 9781568251752
247 pages

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