by Angela Majette
Illustrations by Bill Young

The Pretty Poodle promotes literacy and encourages high scholastic attainment through the fictional tale of a young girl, Mary, who learns an invaluable lesson which inspires her historic achievements later in life. A poodle is what Mary wants more than anything in the world. Mary is hopeful that her parents will allow her to have a pet, until her parents present her with a challenge that she must meet before she can get the poodle that she desires. Will Mary give up on her dream of having a poodle or will she rise to the challenge?

The Pretty Poodle pays tribute to Mary Lou Allison Gardner Little, an educator and leader who organized seven African-American women on the predominantly white campus of Butler University in 1922 to form what is today an international public service organization comprised of approximately 100,000 women dedicated to motivating youth to greater horizons. The book?s messages of perseverance, family, values, love, and achieving goals are appropriate for all children. Purchase includes free downloadable reading and writing activities related to the story.

ISBN 9780991150007
42 pages

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