by Maureen Stolar Kanefield
Illustrations by Carlos Aon

2015 Finalist - Next Generation Indie Book Award

2014 Gold Winner - Mom's Choice Award

Maxwell is a young adorable, intelligent mouse. He has a curiosity that draws him into every subject under the rainbow and an imagination that just won?t quit. That is, until the day he discovers his tail is growing much too long. Soon he is the target of jeers and snickers from his classmates. Even his best friend, Mason, is unaccepting. ?Maxwell, can?t you keep track of your tail? I?m always tripping over it.?

It seems to Maxwell that his life is in ruins. But then he starts to see the magic his tail brings out in him. From then on, what seemed like his biggest problem becomes the best thing in his life. Why, he could be an artistic mouse using his tail to control the paintbrush. Or Maxwell the musician, chef, or athlete! Seeing endless possibilities, Maxwell suddenly realizes that everyone has magic, but sometimes they have to search to find out what it is.

Children will cheer for Maxwell as he finds that being different is not only okay?it?s part of the magic you already have.

ISBN 9780990348405
32 pages

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