The Spiritual Evolution of Human Kind; The Many Worlds We Live In; 2014 and Beyond

by Rev. Bernard Goodman

This book is about the spiritual future of us and the planet. It is about our own personal evolution and the evolution of our planet home. This book is a journey to our future. It is our destiny to evolve to a higher plane of understanding and awareness. It is a reality of the future of all of us as we continue to move forward with love and light and truth and creation. People are already living what is in this book. This book includes a movie. This book explains the movie and the movie is an example of the book. A MUST READ?for all who are on a spiritual quest for ?who we are and why we are here.? A riveting compilation of highly advanced knowledge of truth integrating the past, present, and future of the evolution of Planet Earth and Humanity and an introduction to our galactic family of light ... who are ONE with GOD and ALL that is. Bernard has been one of my mentors for the past 15 years and has guided me to my life?s purpose. I am grateful and honored to acknowledge him at this time.?Bianca I hold Bernard, and his channeling, in the highest regard. The information that he gives is sacred...there?s no question about it. His support, and guidance, is unwavering. The information he transmits comes from the highest sources. His service and commitment to us-to heal the entire planet-is his mission. He has hundreds of people, from all over the world, that he assists. Bernard is someone we should all aspire to. I am so grateful, and blessed, to have him in my life.?Gina Crippa Rev. Bernard Goodman explains our life to us; our past, our present and our future. He provides a level of encouragement and support unknown from any other source; believing in our ability to transform the obstacles we face. When he describes the visions that he receives we are transported beyond the now into our Destiny.?Susan Allan CEO The Marriage Forum, Inc.

ISBN 9780978738921
236 pages

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